TPS provides the maritime and industrial sector with flexible technical personnel

Looking for electricians or other technical professionals?

TPS provides you with all the technical personnel you need for your project in the maritime, offshore and/or industrial sector. Whether you are looking for electricians or service engineers, or need a professional for servicing your ship’s engines or for carrying out their maintenance work ... ask TPS! Because of its short delivery times, TPS is the ultimate flexible pool of temporary staff. It is therefore not without reason that TPS has established many long-term relationships. TPS takes care of your flexible staff from start to finish. We can supply the following:

To ensure that your temporary staff is familiar with your company and product, we strive to reassign your company the same individual specialists as far as possible. This results in a very skilled and experienced flexible pool of temporary staff.

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Servicing ship’s engines... does this mean you only operate in the maritime sector?

Definitely not! The servicing and maintenance of ship’s engines is one of the many activities you may ask us to arrange on your behalf. Although we may not be specialists in every possible field, two are particularly close to our heart: the maritime/offshore and the industrial sectors. That is what we are good at and both sectors are special to us!

Servicing ship’s engines, electrical systems and installations, and all our other activities require certifications!

Have you been looking for electricians within your own network? Do they have the relevant certification? TPS works together with the best educated and most experienced technical professionals from the new EU countries. We fully relieve you of any concerns you may have as we arrange everything for you as well as for our people. We have been certified in accordance with the VCA and NEN 4400-1 standards. The former is the Dutch Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors, the latter are standards set by the Dutch standards organization NEN for temporary work businesses and (sub)contractors. We consider them to be more than just pieces of paper; we regard them as essential for our professionals’ health and safety. TPS therefore actively stimulates its partners to work according to these values and standards: we are in this together! As a result, all our partners have also now obtained a NEN 4400-2 certificate, ensuring smooth cooperation with outstanding results as well as a safe harbour for both staff and employer. Finally, pay is in accordance with Dutch legislation.