Martime / Offshore

The connection between the sea, shipping and the Netherlands is one that can be found in the history books. We have been building the best ships and yachts in our shipyards for centuries. However, the way we do this has changed. When electricity was invented, many systems in ships have been automated over the years, which requires a completely different working method in construction and maintenance. For this, qualified technicians are needed. 

We provide experienced technicians for the maritime as well as the offshore sector. Whether you are looking for a shipyard electrician for the correct wiring, a diesel mechanic (service mechanic) who takes care of the maintenance of the engines or a welder who ensures that everything flows seamlessly together; TPS supplies professional international technicians with the right knowledge and experience.

Technicians for the maritime/offshore sector

In the maritime and offshore sector, you may need the following specialists:

    Why choose TPS?

    From shipyards to offshore platforms or work ships; each location is slightly different. Our technicians are used to working on different locations and can therefore adapt easily. For example, our electricians have worked on new construction as well as refit projects on various shipyards for a.o. MSA, Bakker Sliedrecht, FMJ and Orga. They can use the experience they have acquired here to new projects in the maritime and/or offshore sector.

    At TPS, we take good care of our staff by providing them with decent housing, but also a full set of tools, technical training, language courses and a company car to travel comfortably to all projects.

    TPS provides technicians with experience in the maritime and offshore sector. You can either hire one technical expert or a complete team. Want to know more about the possibilities? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

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