Next to our in-house recruitment agency, we are in contact with the top technical recruitment agencies in the Czech republic and Poland. This is why we can ensure excellent availability of high- quality, experienced staff.

We are known for our flexibility and quick response. The deployment of people depends on their availability and the work experience that is required. When there is an immediate need, staff can be deployed within 24 hours.

TPS has experience with supplying large groups of electricians for one project. We would be able to supply a group of twenty qualified electricians within two weeks.

TPS values good communication. Our technicians are therefore tested on their English, written and spoken. They know all the technical terms in English, so communicating won’t be a problem.

We deploy staff throughout the Netherlands, but we also regularly provide tailor-made services internationally.

They often use their own transport to get to a project. If they came by plane, we’ll provide a company car for them.


If the planned work schedule changes, you can communicate your contact person at TPS directly. We will communicate the new schedule to our staff.

Yes, our technicians come to us to work, so working overtime won’t be a problem. You can ask your contact person at TPS for more information.

To ensure a quick and safe process, we advise to give operational and safety instructions on the first day. Our technicians get basic tools and safety equipment from us, but if the project requires specialized equipment, you are also asked to provide this.

TPS is responsible for all the administrative work. The only thing you have to do, is to check and to sign the timesheets of the electricians every week.

In the event of illness, the technician will contact TPS. We will immediately inform you personally and discuss the options if it concerns a longer absence.

Outside of office hours, you can contact us on +31(0) 6 57312420.


The minimum deployment is one week. During longer projects, the electrical engineers usually return home for one week every five or six weeks. We often continue along these same lines for many months.

Yes, we try to do this as much as possible.

It is very important to us that our staff feels comfortable and safe. We communicate a lot with them, which already starts in the recruitment process. They know that they can always contact us if there are any problems at work or at home. We also accompany them on their first day on a project and talk to them regularly during a project.

TPS arranges good, clean and safe accommodations for its staff, which varies from furnished houses to guest houses and luxury holiday park bungalows. TPS is responsible for good support and all facilities during their stay.

When arriving in the Netherlands, a medical insurance will be arranged once the social security number, identification and accommodation has been arranged. TPS organises and checks all documents with the international accountancy office Mazars, who specializes in international legislation for human resource matters.


TPS applies an all-in fee, which means that all costs of the engineers are included in the hourly rate. The hourly rate includes wage costs, social security contributions, taxes, transport costs, accommodation expenses and insurance. Prices vary per project.

An engineer is paid based on the applicable CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) in the sector. If an engineer works irregular shifts and is graded in a different function group, the wage can vary.

TPS applies a term of payment of 14 days.

The notice period is one week.

Legislation and certification

In May 2007, the Netherlands opened its borders to the following countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In 2014, the borders of Romania and Bulgaria were also opened, and Croatia was also added to the list in 2018.

Yes, we are. You can see all of our certificates here.

Yes, we are. You can see all of our certificates here.