TPS provides electrical personnel for the industrial sector. A factory hinges on electricity: conveyor belts clearly have to move; presses have to keep on pressing and printers have to print. Of course! Except that it is not self-evident. A full range of cabling, steelwork and switchboards is needed to supply such machines with power and controls. To say the least, it is important to properly install and maintain such machines. TPS provides you with the best professionals for the job.

The services provided by TPS

Whether it concerns emergency power units in hospitals, CHPs in the horticultural sector or power plants in factories ... TPS provides the manpower. We have extensive experience in the maintenance of engines. The reliability of your engines is obviously of vital importance and, therefore, installation and maintenance work should be carried out by a professional with relevant knowledge, experience and work ethic. And we have those available! How can we help you

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