Certified steelworkers and welders

Are you looking for a steelworker for shipbuilding or an offshore or industrial project? Via TPS you can hire certified steelworkers and welders with extensive experience in these sectors. Due to our years of experience, we are able to link the employee with the right knowledge to your project. In addition, our technicians are also screened on their English.


  • Mounting of cable trays;
  • Customizing cable trays;
  • Installing cable trays on other cable support structures by welding or with bolts and nuts;
  • Making frames for switchboards and cabinets. 

Offering steelworkers and welders is not part of our core business, but it is often the basis of our electrical engineering work. If you have a project in which the cable trays have to be made and mounted, and you also need someone to pull the cables and do the connection work, then we can find the candidate who has all the skills.

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Why do you need a steelworker?

It is important that the cables in maritime, offshore or industrial areas are secured professionally, for which a steelworker is hired. The construction is made and placed based on the technical drawings. When they are placed, the electrician can place and connect the wiring.

Customer experiences

TPS has supplied certified welders and steelworkers for various projects, often in combination with other professional technicians. We have done this with great satisfaction for CCB (Combination Croon Bakker). Due to the great collaboration between customer, employees and professionals, various activities were successfully carried out, resulting in an extension of the contract.

What can we do for you?

You can hire steelworkers for both short and long projects. In addition, hiring a complete technical team is also an option. During a personal meeting, we would like to collect your wishes in order to make an appropriate offer. Leave your details with us or contact us without any obligation!