Do you need temporary personnel at short notice?

We know what it is like: the busiest times often arrive unforeseen and leave you little time to adapt. At such times, there are often simply not enough hours in a day... At such times, TPS can help you! We relieve you of everything related to temporary (additional) personnel.

How quickly can TPS provide the needed man power?

To its partners, TPS is known for its short delivery times. We often manage to have the relevant professional at your site within 24 hours. TPS may solve any possible staffing issue for you at short notice.

What does TPS arrange for you?

First, TPS arranges skilled personnel in possession of the necessary certificates and a Dutch Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer). Furthermore, we take care of appropriate accommodation and transport. We ensure that our professionals are appropriately equipped for your project with well-functioning tools and we also provide them with a safety briefing. In addition, you do not have to worry about the additional paper work as TPS will take care of that too.

What remains for you to do?

In order for us to know exactly how many hours each professional has worked for you, we only require you to sign one timesheet per staff member per week; that is all.

What services does TPS provide?
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