Shipyard Electrician

General introduction to TPS

TPS is an agency between (electro)technical companies in The Netherlands and international electricians. We provide jobs for technicians who are experienced in sectors like:  maritimeindustrybuildings and infrastructure. Continuously we are getting requests from our clients and for this reason we are looking for good English speaking Industrial Electricians for a longterm coöperation. TPS delivers according its three company standards: Enthusiastic, Competent and Decent. 

Experiences of the ideal candidate

  • Experience with cabling and connection work on new construction projects of Maritime Systems (big and small cables)
  • Understand and read electrical diagrams
  • You have an Electrician diploma.
  • Good level of English in speaking and reading.
  • You have at least three years experience as a shipyard electrician.

Job description 

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • You will work as an electrician on different Maritime projects where you will work on all types of cabling and connection work on the shipyard at one of our clients in the Netherlands. 
  • You will be wiring and connecting all electrical- equipment and panels. Also cable pulling and Ty-wrapping where necessary is part of the job. 
  • You will also be closing cable penetrations, make EMC connections to cables and prepare metal plates.


  • Housing will be arranged by the company.
  • Company car can be arranged.
  • Extra nett compensation if you come with your personal car.
  • Good Dutch Salary
  • Long term collaboration with TPS


Enter your details (name, telephone number & email) and upload your CV in the contactblock. Or send your CV and cover letter to