What is our approach?

Whether we have met at a fair, a social event, or through LinkedIn or our website ... we will have frequent contact from the time that we can actually contribute something to one another; and at TPS we aim at communicating clearly and giving you instant feedback. It is our aim to make things with regard to temporary staff easy and convenient for you. In urgent cases, a secondment may be arranged within 24 hours. To paint an adequate picture of our approach, we would like to describe the various stages you will go through with TPS.

  1. First of all, we go for a coffee – a cup of good coffee! We get to know each other and consider the possible options and specifics of our working together.
  2. TPS then draws up a proposal based on the information received during our meeting with all the information you require.
  3. Upon agreement, we give the project its go-ahead.
  4. We then contact our suppliers to assign the relevant professionals to your project. As we know most of our specialists personally, we often make an advance assessment as to who may be suitable for your project. However, we will of course take your wishes into account.
  5. Once a selection is made, we introduce the professionals to you by means of a CV and supplementary notes.
  6. We then await your response, make adjustments – if necessary – and, finally, arrange which specialist(s) will be assigned to your project. Next, we immediately inform our suppliers.
  7. We take good care of our people and for that reason TPS arranges comfortable accommodation and a car for them to ensure that they arrive well-rested and happy at your site every working day. Moreover, we also ensure that our professionals are properly equipped for your project with well-functioning tools.
  8. TPS checks whether our professionals have a valid VCA certificate – a certificate stating they meet the standards of the Dutch Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors – and if they do not have such a certificate, we take care of it. The same applies to their having a Dutch Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer).
  9. Next comes the first day at your project! It goes without saying that we want to be present at such a milestone. The day will start with safety instruction provided by TPS. Our joint project commences at that moment!
  10. After a few days, we will telephone you to conduct a short assessment. Although we do enjoy hearing that all is well, please do not hold back on any possible points for improvement and we will swiftly address them. In the event that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with one of our professionals, we will look for a professional better suited to your requirements!
  11. Once an assignment has finished, we will maintain contact in order to keep each other well informed.

Through contracts with top electro technical companies in the Czech Republic and Poland, TPS is able to ensure excellent availability of high- quality, experienced staff. If you would like to know how we can get the right person to you, please contact us on + 31(0) 76 7676318.

TPS is known for its flexibility and will ensure that it always resolves every staffing issue as quickly as possible. The deployment of people depends on their availability and the work experience required. When there is an immediate need, staff can be deployed within 24 hours.

TPS has experience with supplying large groups of personnel for one project. We would be able to supply a group of twenty qualified electricians within two weeks. Would you like to know how quickly we would be able to achieve this for you? Please contact us on +31(0) 76 7676318 or by email to info@tps-levert.nl.

TPS values good communication. The electrical engineers we appoint are required to speak either English or German.

We deploy staff throughout the Netherlands, but we also regularly provide tailor-made services internationally.

Personnel use their own transport to get to the workplace, in accordance with the agreements made with the client.


TPS is a flexible company with short lines of communication. If the planned work schedule changes, the client can communicate with their contact person directly. The new schedule will immediately be discussed and actioned.

The staff have a strong work ethic, with a positive attitude towards overtime. Sunday is, in principle, the mandatory work-free day. Overtime is always worked in consultation with TPS.

Firstly, the client gives operational instructions and safety instructions directly to the personnel, unless agreed otherwise. The client is, in principle, also responsible for providing the tools required to perform work on-site. TPS will provide basic tools and personal safety equipment.

At the end of the week, clients check and sign the timesheets. TPS is responsible for all other administrative matters. The hours worked are charged on a weekly basis. Would you like to know exactly how to do this? Please contact us on +31(0) 76 7676318 or by email to info@tps-levert.nl.

In the event of illness, the staff member will contact TPS on +31(0) 76 7676318. TPS will then immediately contact the client and reach an agreement.

We can, of course, still be contacted outside of office hours. During office hours, please ring +31(0) 76 7676318 or email info@tps-levert.nl. Outside of office hours, you can contact us on +31(0) 6 57312420.


The minimum deployment is one week. During longer projects, the electrical engineers return home for one week every five to six weeks. We often continue along these same lines for many months. Would you like to know how long we can deploy engineers to you? Please ring +31(0) 76 7676318 or email info@tps-levert.nl.

TPS understands how nice it is if you can deploy someone who is already familiar with the project, the situation and the methodology and will therefore make every effort to deploy the same employees to a workplace they have been deployed to in the past.

TPS is unique in terms of the quality of its personnel, the services it provides to clients and the supervision of the professionals. For example, we supervise them on their first day at work; we introduce them to your project and allow them to become acquainted with the manager and familiarise themselves with the work itself. Afterwards there is contact with the staff and this contact continues. Your TPS contact person has an engineering background and speaks your language. You therefore have someone with whom you can hold a proper conversation, someone who understands your needs and doesn't require lengthy explanations.

TPS arranges good, clean and safe accommodation for its staff. The accommodation mainly consists of furnished houses, guest houses and luxury holiday park bungalows. TPS is responsible for good support and all facilities for a relaxed stay.

As soon as personnel are deployed in the Netherlands, they receive medical expenses insurance. Once their Citizen Service numbers, identification and accommodation have been arranged, the personnel can commence work. TPS organises and checks all documents. This is in close collaboration with the international accountancy office Mazars, which specialises in international legislation for human resource matters.


TPS applies an all-in fee, which means that all costs of the engineers are included in the hourly rate. The hourly rate includes wage costs, social security contributions, taxes, transport costs, accommodation expenses and insurance. Would you like to know what investment you would have to make? You can send an email to info@tps-levert.nl or ring +31(0) 76 7676318.

An engineer is paid based on the applicable CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) in the sector. If an engineer works irregular shifts and is graded in a different function group, the wage can vary.

TPS applies a term of payment of 14 days.

The notice period is one week.

Legislation and certification

In May 2007, the Netherlands opened its borders to the following countries: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In 2014, the borders of Romania and Bulgaria were also opened.

On the 26th of September 2014, as a company TPS was VCA certified for the third time. Our VCA certification will be issued again on the 26th of September 2017. In addition, all staff hold the safety certificate B-VCA or Full-VCA.

We are NEN 4400-1 certified. We don't obtain certification just to get a piece of paper, but mainly for our professionals and customers. TPS also actively encourages its partners to work in accordance with these standards and values, we do it together! The result of this is that all of our partners have an NEN 4400-2 certificate hanging on their walls. This ensures a well-oiled partnership with solid results, so that both the employee and the client are able to achieve their objectives.